Training Services

Training Services

“Training” is essential to implementation of any new software.  At the same time “Ongoing Training” is essential to keep the employee skill set current to support the organizational needs.  Out technology environment is changing at a rapid pace and unless we are able to excel in this area we will roll out products that are not utilized to their full capabilities and at the same time will have an organization that continues to fall behind on the technology curve.

At Plexlane we offer the following services in this area

1) We offer a proprietary training approach that works.  Our approach drives engagement during class delivery and ensures that students are able to carry the knowledge beyond the class as well so they are ready for their new roles.

2) We offer onsite training in various areas.  A few key areas of focus are: Project Management, Six Sigma,  CRM applications like, SAP suite and Microsoft products and technologies.

3) We can manage your end-to-end learning needs.  We can manage your entire LMS for your organization so you can focus on identification of the needs and we can drive delivery for you.