IT Strategy & Roadmap

IT Strategy & Roadmap

One of the core activities for any CIO is to align IT Strategy with the Business Strategy and develop a roadmap for IT (application, infrastructure, regional and people) to support the entire global organization.

One of our core offerings is to help you develop this roadmap.  During the IT Strategy & Roadmap process our consultant(s) will work with your Business and IT community to develop and/or update your IT Roadmap.  Here are some of the key activities that will be undertaken

- Interview key leaders of the organization for opportunity analysis
- Interview key leaders in IT and Vendor Partner teams
- Organization and IT environment analysis
- Incorporate Market Analysis around new products, capabilities and growth areas for the organization
- Understand budgets
- Develop roadmap proposals
- Roadshows

The outcome of this exercise will be an IT Roadmap that will allow the CIO and his team to gain clarity around next 3-4 years of IT Strategy.

By the way if you ask us we will also help you implement the IT Roadmap.