Enterprise Resource Planning

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

An ERP software allows an organization to digitize its business process, processes that are integrated from forecasting customer demand to managing accounts receivable and accounts payables.  Both SAP and Oracle have proven software for large and medium size enterprises.  There are other entries in the field for addressing needs of small enterprises as well.

The benefits from an ERP software are undeniable

- Integrate businesses around functions
- Consolidate and optimize business processes and data
- Streamline business processes with consistent, reliable real-time information
- Improve supply and demand planning around customer orders and procurement
- Manage global supply chain
- Business Analytics that will empower your employees to make decisions based on facts
- Streamline your IT Portfolio
- Leverage Shared Services model

At Plexlane we can be your trusted SI to help you from concept to production support and beyond.  As your SI we will also help you manage the “change” aspect of such a transformation.  Our plexERP Implementation methodology, plexPM Project Management methodology, plexAnalytics and plexSupport Model allows for a successful end to end ERP implementation approach.