Production Support

Production Support

Production Support is NOT about giving away a fragmented and unsupportable environment to a service provider, it is about transferring activities that are not core to your business but you still need them to keep “your lights on”.  This strategy allows your organization to focus on growth areas to support your ongoing organization challenges and needs while not having to worry about the application and infrastrcture environment that is part of your baseline IT Portfolio.

Outsourcing of production support is not easy, especially, if the work will be transferred offshore as well.  Many companies are in the process of moving back work from their service providers due lack of value generation year over year.  There is also complete lack of innovation in this area as well.

At Plexlane we have extensive experience in setting up Product Support capabilities in an onshore, near-shore and offshore model.  One of our key differentiators is a service called “Innovation in Production Support”.  This approach continues to provide innovation in your support environment so that your IT Portfolio stays current and continues to provide you new capabilities and cost advantage year over year.  Read more here.

At Plexlane we offer full production support capabilities to our clients that are best in class.  Some of the key features of this service are:

1) An assessment approach that identifies areas in your organization that are ready for production support.
2) A detailed plan including Production Support Scope, Knowledge Transfer plan, Timezone Support Plan, Support Resource Plan and Support Location Plan.
3) Detailed Project Management for the entire transition.  The transition period range from 1 week to 2 months depending on scope.