About Plexlane

About Plexlane

At Plexlane we provide end-to-end IT technology products and services to our customers to enable their business and IT transformation initiatives.

plexlane+ represents the “information highway” that is a flexible, agile and a robust backbone for the enterprise to operate on.   The Plus (+) represents the real opportunity gap that we are trying to fill – lack of innovation in ongoing service contracts, providers not willing to tie contract payout with contract performance, lack of partnership and an absence of an engagement model that works.  Our engagement model provides a framework and thought process that promotes partnership, creates ongoing value and mitigates program risks.

Our plexTM range of solutions are innovative and transformative providing an accelerated platform for the enterprises to scale their needs. Our offerings in the “Cloud” and “On-Demand” model leverage your investment to offer latest technologies at a fraction of traditional costs to transform your enterprise.

Plexlane offerings range from Enterprise solutions for large enterprises along with solutions for startups and entrepreneurs in the area of Business and IT Strategy, Enterprise Applications Implementation and Management (CRM, PDM, ERP, HCM etc), Mobility (for Enterprise and Consumers), Business Analytics, Application Development and Management, Training Services, Testing Services, Resourcing and other Enterprise services like HR, Procurement and Global Sourcing.

Our Vision

At Plexlane we want to deliver innovative and transformative solutions to our customers so they can benefit from a larger base of collective intelligence and are able to execute their strategic initiatives thorough use of technology enabled solutions.  We are also about making a difference for our customers, our people and our partners.
Customers: Delivering excellence, innovation and building partnerships.
Providing a fair, challenging and inspiring environment.
Partners: Growing together.